Online marketing campaigns

Carolyn Baugmart listed three outstanding online campaigns that engaged lot of fans I her article for First of them being University of Wisconsin-Madison’s #UWRightNow. For the „anniversary“ of 1.4 million hours since founding UW the project that moped 24 hours of university life, started. „This social media project invited members of the UW campus to submit snapshots, tweets, videos, or short posts describing a moment on campus throughout the day. The result is an insightful peek into the lives of hundreds of students, faculty, alumni, and staff as they were on April 18, 2012.“ This definitely is something fresh and interesting that is very likely to catch attention of many. What was the result of the campaign? Among others, 3000 tweets using #UWRightNow hashtag by April 18, 8 pm.

Second campaign Baumgarten mentions in her article is Doritos Crash the Superbowl. What the creators of this campaign were aiming for was „breaking the rules.“ And it definitely paid of. The campaign consisted of commercial and web, point of the campaign was to invate Doritos fan to create a commercial for them that would air during Superbowl. The prize was $1 million. And the result? Over 2 millions video submissions and two million voters . Engaging fans was „simple“ but very effective idea to promote the brand.         


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