USING TWITTER RIGHT (for your small business marketing purposes)

Alex Fitzpatrick wrote an article for, in which he analyses five tips from  Max BorgesAgency’s social media manager, Devin Desjarlais. First „rule“ says Don’t schedule and split. In this advice, Desharlais warn you not to use automatically scheduling tweed with a platform such as HootSuite or Tweetdeck. While it might be a good way to spread your posts throughout the day, it misses one important factor. Desjarlais says that the follow-up conversation might be even more important than the Tweet itself. When it comes to Twitter (or any other social media website while we’re at it) engaging its users- your fans/potential customers is absolutely essential. „Check back hourly to see who has tweeted back at you. Twitter users have a short attention span, so it’s important to respond as quickly as possible,” suggests Desjarlais. Second tip says Sit in the stream. This one encourages you to get familiar with that let „build streams around phrases or hashtags relevant to your company.“  Number three advice is really a good one! “ is a little-known website that lets users do real-time searches in the social web,” Desjarlais explains. “Do daily searches for your company’s name and narrow the search results to just tweets to see who is talking about your company but not @-mentioning you.” Or you can save searches for some key terms and common permutations of your company name. In fourth tip you can learn the importace of  balance when it comes to your business Twitter. Of course, it is your company Twitter, so you will use it mainly for posting things about your company, but don’t be afraid to work on a little bit more „personal way.“ Finally, the last tip is called Stay on track and it deals with determining the return on investment of social networking. Desjarlais understands that not all small business might have resources for complex analysis, so this is where the tools which will do it for free, comes in. He suggests


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