Responding customers online- how to do it right

Sam Keninger in his article 7 Rules for Responding to Customers Online comes up with suggestions how to communicate with customers via Internet. First advice, which says you should  Be timely is a reasonable one indeed. Be aware, that your customers using Internet might have rather short attention span. Don’t get sloppy. Unanswered post can be viewed not only by the customer who wrote it, but also by numerous others (potential) customers. Avoid getting personal with customers. There is really no point in arguing even if you were right, keep in mind that „customer is always right.“ Keninger mentions Boners barbecue affair, in which mentioned restaurant publiciezed picture of thein customer who supposedly didn’t tip. Whole thing got a lot of media attention and some might argue this might have been a smart move how to promote themselves, but one should really consider whether it is a good idea to try to get the attention a tany price.

One of Keninger’s other sugesstions says you should keep your answer short. „The social attention span is tiny and your responses aren’t only for the initial reviewer but for future consumers. Don’t kill the mood,“  he says. Tip number six suggets you thank your customers. It shows you value that they are satisfied with your product/ servise and undoubtely helps building customer loyalty. Keninger close up with the following advice: „Walking the walk is crucial to the success of your customer experience management campaign and, ultimately, your bottom line. Over time, companies that have the same issues over and over again will not only have bad social scores but will show customers they are incapable of improving. You don’t want to be written off as a lost cause.“



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