Founder and CEO of Journyx, Curt Finch’s article on Why Recognizing Your Employees on Social Media Is Great for Business gives you idea show to connect with customers, increase visibility and promote yourself at the same time.  How to do that? Publicaly recognize your employees accomplishments and good work. By-product of this is creating rather positive impression.   Finch states very good reasons why you should go ahead and go for it. Employee Recognition Reflects Well On Your Company and it ensures Boost Company Morale In Real-Time. 

What about the ways how to make it happen? Use Facebook, Yammer, Rypple, Twitter or company blog. When it comes to the last listed case, Finch says: “This is a perfect place to highlight the accomplishments of an individual employee or an amazing team. Blogs lend themselves to detailed descriptions, lists and pictures and allow anyone to comment on the blog post or add to the conversation.”

To keep the balance, Finch states potential downfall of recognizing you employees via social networks: “Be careful to reward people in any sort of public forum unless you’re absolutely certain that they would welcome that kind of attention,” warns Linda Pophal of Strategic Communications, LLC. “A number of years ago I supervised a graphic designer who was going to be recognized at an ‘all-employee’ meeting. She got wind of it and came to my office extremely agitated because she did not want that kind of public attention. Social media is just another form of public exposure – on steroids. Yes, it can be a good thing, but it can also backfire.”


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