Marketing via e-mails

As the title (When One Email Isn’t Enough) of the article suggets, its author Loren McDonald truly believes that one e-mail is not enough. This belief comes out rather powerful as big number of e-mails might qulify as spamms and often irritates people. McDonald lists four approaches which will make customers out of the receivers.

 First of her approaches suggests resending e-mails, since they might get overlooked. This approach encourages people to send the offer repeatedly to those who did not even open an original e-mail to begin with. This approach though must be handled carefully since it might lead to the increase in unsurscribers and abuse complaints.

According to the second approach not the same e-mail should be send all over again. It rather suggest sending numerous e-mails that varies yet have the same message. This way the potential customer will not feel that is being send the same information over and over again, s/he can feel that s/he will miss out on new information if s/he does not read those various e-mails.                                                                                   

McDonald also writes about birthday. This is a good idea, since it can give your customer a feeling that you are interest him. Gifts that would go nicely with a birthday wish are for example free shipping or discounts.

Other issue that McDonald covered in her article is scheduled e-mails. She writes that a welcome e-mail to a brand new customer is a good idea. Although, be careful, a big number of welcome e-mails might drive a new subscriber away.                    

Number four in McDonalds list is named “Behavior-based tracks” and it deal with separating customers based upon their action or a lack of action into several groups/tracks being for example:  Opening or clicking on an email, or not, Making a purchase or not, Visiting a Web page, Downloading a white paper, Logging into your account, Speaking with a call center rep. etc. This action will make  your marketing  via e-mails that much easier.


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