Article published on „Improving the online shopping experience“ suggests that there are seven ways to improve online shopping. First being Promoting online presence, followed by Creating customer’s confidence,  Enhace Product Findability, Enabling Customer decision making, Reducing shopping cart abandonment, Keeping registration short and optional and finally Streambline checkout. When it comes to Promoting your online presence it is basics. Obviously, if a potential customer will not come across your page online, s/he will not buy your product even if s/he wanted to. amongst others suggest „using e-mail campaigns to attract new customers and drawing previous customers back to your website.“ When it comes to Creating customer’s confidence it is a good idea not to make customer’s contact information visible as it doesn’t make customers feel safe. Back to what I wrote before, the first important thing is to make sure customer will come across your site, so I encourage you to „accept colloquial synonyms and common misspellings as search keywords“ within the enhacing of product findability.

Author of the article also provides with a very valuable advice: “Unbiased and unedited ratings and reviews by customers will help visitors make up their minds about products that they may not be familiar with (for example, customer reviews suggesting to buy half a shoe size larger for a better fit will help others not make the same mistake). Many users look up ratings and reviews when they are in stores, not only at their desk, so make ratings and reviews easily accessible from mobile devices.”Image

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