How to make it on Pinterest

Lauren Rae Orsini wrote an inspiring article for The Daily Dot lists six ways how to make social media web, Pinterest an effective tool to market your business. Orsini in 6 Pinterest Tips From Power Users states that The Daily Dot found out most of the pros don’t take advantage of all Pinterest has to offer.

Media marketer/social media strategist Mike Street in the article comes up with the advices to use much quotes and photos in order to get “repinned like crazy.” Furthermore, Street reveals his secret weapon, which is…wait for it…                  

McDonald’s Pinterest page manager, Lizzie Roscoe gives a statement from the practice: “The most popular pin on the McDonalds’s Corp. board right now is a photo of a hand puppet of a four-armed Grimace! The image is fun, nostalgic, very unique to McDonalds’s. It’s part of our company’s marketing history… Grimace originated as a four-armed, milkshake thief! This image, and images like it, are ideal pins for our company, as they are fun representations of our brand.”

PinChat founder, Kelly Lieberman encourages you to make sure that pictures you upload on Pinterest goes with the site you wish as it might be frustrating to realize that the repined content does not direct to the site it should. Creator of WTF, Pinterest? blog, Allison Tyler, gives away tips for tools to determine sources. Tyler lists “PinSearch – a plug-in from the Google Chrome app store and TinEye – a plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari or Opera.                                                                          

Another social media marketer, Drew Hawkings encourages readers to come up with someting unique and original on Pinterest.

Last but not least, copywriter Tyler Cheese explains the importace of using Pinterest along with other social media chabls such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.




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