How to kick it off with Kickstarter

Ever heard of Kickstarter? If not, now’s the time you do. Kickstarted prides itself to be the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Ever had a stroke of genius when you thought of an awesome project but you failed at making it happen? This is where the Kickstarter comes in/ kicks in.                                                                                                       Kickstarter provides you with a time for your campaign that is anywhere between one and 60 days. Buck, an author of an article about Kickstarter, suggests your project is 30 days or shorter since these short-term campaigns tend to have a higher success rate. When it comes to money, keep in mind that if you don’t meet your financial goal in time, you will not receive funding. So, think your budget carefully. Also, think about rewards for the backers. Ideally, it should be (amongst others) final product of the campaign. Post video of you explaining the projects. Campaigns with videos have drastically higher success rates than those without video. Buck suggests little “script” for your video: Tell us who you are. Tell us the story behind your project. Where’d you get the idea? What stage is it at now? How are you feeling about it? Come out and ask for people’s support, explaining why you need it and what you’ll do with their money. Talk about how awesome your rewards are, using any images you can. Explain that if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll get nothing, and everyone will be sad. Thank everyone! Once everything’s set, market your project. Buck suggests promoting yourself via Facebook/ Twitter, she also comes up with other ways how to make it big. F.e: ask backers to share your project among their communities since it’s in their best interest to help you out with succeeding. In the process, keep everyone (backers and your supporters) updated on how things go. ImagePhoto source:

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