Facebook advertising turns out not to be so popular

Facebook is by far most used social network. That makes it a great website for advertisement. Or does it? Studies have shown that Facebook is not necessarily as “hot” for the marketers as it might seem.

According to the article Marketers Love Facebook, But Don’t Want to Advertise There article by Lauren Indvik  „Of the 658 self-identified marketers, agency executives, media executives and marketing consultants in AdAge‘s survey, nearly 86% indicated that Facebook is part of their marketing mix. However, only 55% said they advertise on Facebook, and 86% said they would produce Facebook content without buying any ads on the platform.“

Ryan Holiday in his article Why I lost my faith in facebook advertising gives an idea of why that may be: „Because of Facebook’s presumed success, many small, medium, and large businesses individually and in turn experiment with Facebook ads. They spend hundreds or thousands or more on Facebook ads. At the end of the first run, they see bad ROIs. They tweak the ads and spend more money and try again. Nothing. So they stop, understanding that Facebook ads are worthless. Almost everyone I’ve talked to who has actually bought Facebook ads knows this. But, not everyone has bought Facebook ads yet. There are still more and more new businesses finding out about Facebook ads. As they grow, even more businesses give their money to experiment in destined failure.“

Surprisingly enough, social media giant is apparently not so big in advertising after all.

Photo source: http://www.facemag.cz/wp-content/uploads/facebook1.png






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