Are marketers using TWITTER right?

Win Twitter over with tips from recent report

Twitter is broadly used by journalists, celebrities, individuals,promoters and marketers. Do marketers know how to use Twitter effectively? Sorry, Marketers,  You’re Doing Twitter Wrong is the title of the article by Todd Wasserman published on Wasserman states a very keen observation at the very beginning of the article: „Most marketers are tweeting too much on the wrong days, not using hashtags enough and almost never do the one thing that will dramatically boost their retweets — ask for them — according to a new study looking at how marketers useTwitter from Buddy Media.“ Yes, that’s right, according to the above mentioned report If you ask followers to “RT,” you’ll get a 12X higher retweet rate than if you don’t. But if you spell out the word “retweet,” that figure jumps to 23X. Seems simple now, doesn’t it?          Another good idea that will get your attention on Twitter is posting photos since ne study showed that Posts with images have double the engagement of those without even though users can’t see them until they click on them.

„Despite the strong showing for Saturday and Sunday tweets, the study also found, paradoxically, that tweets published during “busy hours” performed best. Tweets during such hours, defined as between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. in the study, got 30% higher engagement rates than those those that occurred after-hours. Twitter’s performance in this respect is the mirror image of Facebook, where posts on “non-busy hours” get 17% higher engagement.“ 

Buddy Media suggets that you keep your tweets under 100 characters. Follow all these tips in order to get followed on Twitter 😉





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